PLATINUM MaxExpert XJ 5W–30 4 L

PLATINUM MaxExpert XJ 5W–30 4 L


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General features

New generation, synthetic, all-season engine oil dedicated for Japanese-manufactured cars. The best possible parameters have been achieved thanks to the use of the unique Complex Protection Formula. CPF is a perfect blend of conditioners with the best quality base oils, which ensures optimum engine protection, reduces deposits, and minimizes the risk of valve wear. 

It ensures: 
• excellent engine purity by keeping the soot suspended,
• DPF filter and TWC catalyst compatibility,
• energy consumption and emissions optimization, thus providing better environment protection,
• lower fuel and oil consumption,
• effective heat rejection from the engine


Platinum MaxExpert XJ 5W-30 has been developed especially for Japanese brand vehicles, such as Mazda, Toyota, Suzuki, Nissan and Mitsubishi, for which the manufacturer recommends oil of viscosity and quality class as stated below. Recommended for spark ignition and compression ignition turbocharged or naturally aspirated engines. Works great both in cities and on highways. The oil is compatible with exhaust treatment devices, such as: DPF and TWC.
Platinum MaxExpert XJ 5W-30 ensures reliable engine operation both in summer and in winter. It is recommended for Euro 6 compliant vehicles.

Physical and chemical properties


Parameters Units Typical values
SAE viscosity class - 5W-30
Kinematic viscosity at 1000C mm2/s 10.2
Viscosity index - 160
Flash point 0C -30
Total Base Number Mg KOH/g 8.0
Sulfated ash % 0.74
NOACK Volatility % (m/m) 6.1
Notice: The above chemical and physical parameter values are of typical nature. Real values can be found on quality certificates enclosed with every product batch.

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