Alpine RSL 5 w-30 LA 5L

Alpine RSL 5 w-30 LA 5L


კატეგორიები: ალპაინ
ნანახია: 841 - ჯერ.
ფერი შავი, ცისფერი, ყავისფერი, რუხი
ზომა L, M, XL, XXL

Periodic brake inspection is also important to identify worn brake parts to help avoid brake failure. Brakes are one of the main components of keeping your vehicle safe on the road. TC6R kits can fit many 20”and larger wheels. DoctorDiff Brembo style front disc brake kit includes:

  • Red 4 piston calipers
  • Semi-metallic pads
  • Forged aluminum hubs
  • Timken bearings Billet aluminum caliper brackets
  • Choice of slotted/plated or drilled/slotted/plated 13 x 1.25″ rotors
  • DOT stainless flex hoses Hardware

If you are hearing brake noises or noticing wear on your brakes, it is time for you to come in one of our Eastside shops for a brake inspection. We will in inspect and diagnose your brake problem by performing a visual inspection of the brake pads / shoes, calipers, brake disk rotors, brake drums, hoses, brake lines, master cylinder and brake fluid.

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