PLATINUM MaxExpert XD 5W–30 4 L

PLATINUM MaxExpert XD 5W–30 4 L


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General features

Mid SAPS type, highest quality synthetic multigrade motor oil is characterised by low viscosity. Owing to the unique Complex Protection Formula technology, it constitutes an ideal blend of state-of-the-art components. This combined with high grade base oils ensures ideal motor operation, and simultaneously reduces buildup and decreases valve wear risk.
Platinum MaxExpert XD 5W-30 is compatible with DPF and TWC exhaust gas processing equipment.

It guarantees:
• Excellent cleaning properties
• Perfect engine operational efficiency
• Ideal operation of exhaust gas processing equipment
• Reduction in fuel consumption
• Efficient lubrication during engine start-up in winter
• Extended service periods


Platinum MaxExpert XD 5W-30 a unique, mid SAPS multi-grade engine oil. It is recommended for automobiles and light delivery vans equipped with Diesel engines or self-ignition petrol engines, either turbocharged or not, and provided with exhaust gas reduction systems, such as DPF or TWC.
Excellent viscosity and temperature parameters guarantee unfailing engine operation both in summer and winter, in city traffic conditions and on throughways. It meets the quality level according to ILSAC GF-4. It is recommended for vehicles satisfying Euro 6 standards.

Standards, approvals, specifications

MB-Approval 229.51 

Meets requirements of:
PSA B712290
General Motors GM Dexos 2 
VW 502 00/ 505 01
VW 502 00/ 505 00
FIAT 9.55535-S1

Physical and chemical properties


Parameters Units Typical values
SAE viscosity class - 5W-30
kinematic viscosity at the temp. 1000C mm2/s 12.3
viscosity index - 165
Structural viscosity CCS (-300C) mPa*s 5740
TBN base number Mg KOH/g 7.6
sulphated ash % (m/m) 0.76
evaporative loss according to Noack % (m/m) 9.0 

Comment: The above values of physical and chemical parameters are typical. Actual values are specified in quality certificates enclosed with each product lot.

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