Alpine ATF 6HP 1 L

Alpine ATF 6HP 1 L


კატეგორიები: ალპაინ
ნანახია: 688 - ჯერ.
ფერი ყვითელი
ზომა 1x1

Use instructions

  • Specially designed for modern ZF 6-speed automatic transmissions in high-powered vehicles
  • ATF 6HP is also suitable for older ZF 5-speed automatic transmissions (ZF 5HP)
  • Not for use in DCT/DSG- (Double Clutch) or CVT- (Continuously-Automatic) transmissions suitable.

Observe manufacturer instructions!

BMW ATF M 1375.4 (8322 0142516)
Bentley Oil PY112995PA
Hyundai Oil 040000C90SG
Jaguar Fluid 8432
Land Rover TYK 500050
Maserati Oil 231603
Nissan Matic S
Toyota Type WS
VW / Audi G 055 005 A1/A2/A6
ZF Lifeguardfluid6 (S671 090 255)
*meets the requirements of the OEM manufacturer

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